5 best arcade games for Android 2018

5 best arcade games for Android 2018
5 best arcade games for Android 2018

5 best arcade games for Android 2018 : Among the most popular mode were arcade games in the world For a long time. They usually have game play of simple , consistent challenge, and short play times. They’re marked by their increase in challenge as the game progresses. Doodle Jump , Fruit Ninja, and Angry Birds  are some popular examples from mobile’s early days. The result is a highly enjoyable experience and addictive that gives players the urge to keep going. Arcade games on mobile aren’t quite the same as their coin-operated predecessors, but they can still provide a good time. Here is the list of  best arcade games for Android! so without any further due lets list the 5 best arcade games for Android 2018.

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5 best arcade games for Android 2018

1. Geometry Dash games (four games)

Price: Free / Varies
Geometry Dash is an arcade platformer with some rhythm game elements. There are four total games in the series. They include the original Geometry Dash (free / $2.99), Geometry Dash Worlds (free), Geometry Dash SubZero (free), and Geometry Dash Meltdown (free). Only the first game actually costs money. The other three are completely free with no in-app purchases. They do have ads, though. All four games have similar mechanics. You travel forward on a 2D map while jumping to avoid obstacles to the beat of a song. None of the games are overly long. However, it does appeal greatly to arcade fans who like free games that aren’t also freemium games. 5 best arcade games.

2.Noodlecake Studios

Price: Varies
Noodlecake Studios is a developer on Google Play. They have several really good arcade games. Some of their better titles include Alto’s Adventure, Punch Quest, Super Stickman Golf, Bitcoin Billionaire, and others. They have plenty of non-arcade titles that are just fantastic as well. The games are usually easy to play, inexpensive, and fun. They also have a myriad of themes, including sports, fighting, and others. We have their collection linked up with the button above. best arcade games for Android 2018



Price: Free / Varies
Rayark is another developer on Google Play. This one specializes in arcade style rhythm games. They also happen to be the best rhythm games on the entire platform. Each game features an anime theme, solid mechanics, bouncy, electornica pop songs, and plenty of free content. Most games split their songs into half free and half paid. The premium content is, of course, available as in-app purchases. The latest in the series, Cytus II, has 60 songs (30 free and 30 paid) with three difficulties each. That’s 180 activities. Other excellent arcade rhythm games in their collection include the original Cytus, Sdorica, Deemo, VOEZ, and Mandora.

4.SEGA Forever games

Price: Free / $1.99
SEGA Forever is a collection of old SEGA games. Some of them are also excellent, old arcade games. Some of the options include Sonic the Hedgehog, Altered Beast, Crazy Taxi, Ristar, Golden Axe, and more. Most games have their own set of mechanics. They are, in fact, ports of old console games. They are easily accessible, free to download (with ads), and relatively solid. Each game can be purchased for $1.99 to remove the ads. You can search for SEGA Forever on Google Play to see some of the titles.

5.Various IO Games

Price: Freemium (usually)
The IO games are a genre of arcade games that people seem to really like. They all have different mechanics, but share a core element. They are all online multiplayer combat games where you duel it out with a bunch of strangers. Some notable examples include,,,, and some newer ones like AXE.IO (linked at the button). The mechanics vary from game to game. AXE.IO is a hack-and-slash game while is a smash game where you must smack into players who are smaller than you. These games are usually freemium titles, but most of the core game play is entirely free. You can literally start and stop playing whenever you want.

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