best Android phones in India

Best Android phones in India : When it comes to India, andriod mobile phones are more loved and the love for Android monile phones here is never-ending. Some serious pace in the Indian market is been caught by the apple but still andriod mobile phones has a massive cut when we talk about market share. No doubt, the affordability, adaptability and availability of Android phones played a huge role to achieve the big number.

But still we see rising number of ios users in india. Still ios will not cross andriod users. However, let’s not compare it for now and get to the best from the world of Android smartphones in india.

we have picked this andriod smartphone as the best andriod smartphone in india according to its perfomance , features, reviews from customers, compared with other andriod smartphone , and many other which we will tell you in this post so with out any delay ..

Best Android phones in India

so the best Android phones in India is Samsung Galaxy S8

best Android phones in India

best Android phones in India

Samsung Galaxy S8

Biometrics aside, this is the best Android phone

Weight: 155g | Dimensions: 148.9 x 68.1 x 8mm | OS: Android 7 | Screen size: 5.8-inch | Resolution: 1440 x 2960 | CPU: Exynos 8895 | RAM: 4GB | Storage: 64GB | Battery: 3000mAh | Rear camera: 12MP | Front camera: 8MP

Amazing display
Huge power
High price
Irritating biometric unlocking

Samsung has once again taken the top spot of the best Android phone in the world right now.

Samsung’s latest Galaxy S8 is LOVE thanks to an incredible design, amazing display and some truly great power packed into the phone.

Everything that has made Samsung phones great over the last few years has been packed into this 5.8-inch device – that’s almost bezeless too – and comes with top of the range hardware and some easy to use Android software.

There’s a new iris scanner to allow you to unlock the phone with just your eyes and not to forget the IP68 certification, wireless charging and dependable after sales. It’s not the perfect device some had hoped for, but it’s the best Android phone you can buy at the moment.

  • Also consider: If you budget can’t quite stretch to the new Galaxy S8, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is still an excellent option with a strong screen and excellent camera, plus it’s now cheaper thanks to the arrival of the S8.

Samsung Galaxy S8 price

  • Launch price: £639 ($724.99, AU$ 1,200)
  • Current price: £440 ($499, AU$721)

The Samsung Galaxy S8 carried a hefty price tag when it arrived in April 2017, but more than a year on the cost has reduced significantly making the phone an attractive proposition for those who find the S9 a little on the steep side.

At launch, the SIM-free Samsung Galaxy S8 price was £639 ($724.99, AU$ 1,200), but now it can be found for just £440 ($499, AU$721).

In the UK, the contract price has dropped. Some deals offer the phone for less than £25 per month with a substantial amount of internet included. To find the best deal for you, check out our selection of the best Samsung Galaxy S8 dealsin the UK.

Not seeing eye to eye

  • Biometrics add time to unlocking the phone
  • Fingerprint scanner in a poor place
  • Facial recognition infuriating

Right, let’s get down to business – and we’ll start with the thing that’s concerning us most about the Galaxy S8.

The main issue we have with this phone centers around how you’ll get into it – most smartphones users now expect to use a fingerprint to unlock their device, making it secure and meaning you don’t have to peck in your PIN a billion times a day.

It’s a good idea, it’s safe enough for most people, and it just works – we’re all in agreement there.

With the Galaxy S6, Samsung got biometric unlocking right, but annoyingly with the Galaxy S8 things have become difficult and confusing.

You can unlock this phone with your face, a fingerprint or an iris scan, in increasing order of security level, making the S8 one of the most secure phones around (assuming nobody knows your PIN, of course, which is the backup method of entry).

However, in creating the massive screen on the front of the Galaxy S8, Samsung has moved the fingerprint scanner to the rear of the phone – and placed it out of the reach of most fingers when holding your phone naturally.

As a result, you’ll need to shift the handset to an unnatural position in your palm to reach the scanner with your digit, and thanks to the elongated lozenge-like shape of the fingerprint sensor it can take a couple of attempts to register.

It also makes it less stable in the hand and prone to being dropped. And in terms of it being uncomfortable in the hand, the Galaxy S8 Plus takes it to the next level, with an even harder time of reaching the scanner at the top.

You will find over a few months’ use that you’ll get used to this – we’ve found after intensive testing it’s not terrible… but it’s certainly not optimal.

best Android phones in India

The fingerprint scanner, then, is too far away to use naturally. So how about iris scanning? Well, it’s the best implementation we’ve seen from Samsung (farbetter than we’ve seen on the flammable Note 7) but it’s still not perfect.

There are times when it’s flawless, where you’ll just turn the phone on and be instantly unlocked as the S8 has spotted your eyes and confirmed your identity. (Or just thinks you’ve got lovely irises and wants to impress you… either way, it’s rapid).

On the occasions when it works like this you’ll experience a genuine sense of living in the future.

best Android phones in India

Other times, when you’re walking or in lower light, the iris scanner just failed time and again (although weirdly it works fine in the pitch-dark).

This meant we sometimes ended up gurning (by the way, we urge you to search YouTube for the gurning world championships) at the S8, trying to force the issue by opening our eyes really wide and moving the phone around in order to unlock it.

best Android phones in India

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