Best Online Stock Trading Websites

Online Trading StockS
Online Trading StockS

Best Online stock trading Website offer investors access to a variety of tools and research that just a few years ago were only available through full-service brokerage accounts.


There are many online stock trading websites to choose from, but narrowing down the field may seem time consuming and overwhelming.

Here is the list of 5 of the top-rated best online stock trading websites that continually show up on just about every list of the best.


Ultimately, your choice is a personal one based on a number of factors and how you rank them in importance.

Not every online stock trading site on this list will work for you because some are stronger in one area, while weaker in another.

Online Trading StockS

Online Trading StockS

All of these sites encourage you to browse through their pages, although some parts will be off limits unless you have an account.

Here are online stock trading sites you should consider:

Online Trading StockS


#1Muriel Siebert

Muriel Siebert may not have the marketing muscle of other online stock trading sites but it is a solid brokerage house worth your look. The company receives high marks for customer service and research. The fee structure is straightforward and easy to understand.


Despite its name, this online stock trading site offers accounts that trade just about any type of security you want including options, stocks, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, futures and more. This site is easy to use and gets to the point. Not the cheapest, but tops in functionality.



Scottrade’s claim to fame is superior customer satisfaction as noted in J.D Power and Associates survey of online brokers. Commissions are on the low side and transactions are processed quickly.


TD Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade is another brokerage that is the result of mergers (Ameritrade was one of the merged companies and it has been around for a number of years). The company has a large selection of mutual funds and is noted for its responsiveness to customer inquiries.



Vanguard made a name for itself as the low-cost leader in mutual funds. Vanguard is a solid company that excels in providing value to their customers and in consolidating investments in a brokerage account.


Online stock trading sites offer investors a wide range of tools, research, and services.

Finding the right one for your style of investingand that meets your needs is a matter of visiting the sites to get a feel for the interface.
Pay attention to the fee structure and how it works with your trading style. If you are an infrequent trader, look for maintenance or inactivity fees.
If you want advice, see how that affects your trading costs.

Many of these sites will let you open a demo account, which will give you an idea how the real thing works.

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